17 March

Visiting FTTx Networks and BREKO Fiberdays 2023!

Spring has started off quite actively for our sales team who visited a few industry-specific conferences and events in Europe.

Jan Čeněk and Marian Rus opened the first month of spring with a great experience visiting FTTx Networks 2023 in Brno organized by PROFiber Networking. It turned out an amazing event with a unique atmosphere that featured manufacturers who are forward-thinking and always looking to offer the latest and greatest in fibre optic cable industry. It’s a promising sign for the future of high-speed internet and other services that rely on reliable and fast connections.

Alexander Wiebe then attended BREKO Fiberdays 2023 for the annual fair and conference for fibre optic deployment in Wiesbaden.

It was not only a platform for professionals to connect and network but the first big event in Germany this year for manufacturers to showcase their products. Being able to engage with industry experts face-to-face and see products firsthand is what often leads to more fruitful conversations and future cooperation. Such networking opportunities are invaluable for gaining insights, learning about new technologies, staying up-to-date on industry trends, and enjoying the advantages of in-person communication 😊

Thank you, guys, for being there and for your dedication and commitment to representing Incab Europe at these events did not go unnoticed.

There are no doubts that your efforts help to establish important connections and relationships with potential customers and partners and will continue to yield positive results for the business in the days and weeks (and years and decades) to come!

Your contributions are truly appreciated. ❤️

Keep it up!