Riser MT Riser micro tube (MT)

Application: installation into indoor/outdoor cable conduits and trays
Riser MT | Emcab

Optical fiber


Micro tubes


Fiberglass rods


Halogen-free flame-retardant jacket


Match marks (jacket opening marking)

Euroclass Eca confirmed

High density of fibers makes it possible to bundle up to 24 fibers into micro loose tubes and place up to 48 micro loose tubes in a cable

Perfect solution for multi-dwelling units: a separate micro loose tube is guided to every inter-floor box. With 100% penetration, the number of micro loose tubes equals the number of floors, the number of fibers equals the number of flats on the floor

Operation temperature down to -30°C

Easy access to fiber at any place of the cable


UV- resistant

All-dielectric design

Maximum rated design tension (MRDT), kN 2.7
Crush, kN/cm 0.5
Fiber count, up to 12 16 24
Cable diameter, mm 7.3 7.5 7.8
Cable weight, kg/km 70.7 72.7 75.9
Minimum bending radius, mm 110 113 117
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Operating temperature -40°C ... +70°C
Installation temperature -10°C ... +50°C
Transportation and storage temperature -40°C ... +70°C
Minimum bending radius 15 x cable diameter
Design life 25 years

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